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Hi! This sound pack is a collection of 52 .OGG files I initially recorded by the ocean alongside a shoreline and a pier!

All the sounds have been trimmed neatly so they can shuffle amongst themselves seamlessly. Each of the sound effects are roughly 15 seconds in length on average, totalling up to a length of 13 minutes 49 seconds!

I'd say this pack would be best suited for those wishing to portray an atmospheric scene in a broadly aquatic setting.

This pack contains the following files:

  • 4 "Calm Ocean" sounds + 4 modified 'underwater' versions
  • 7 "Calm Ocean Impact" sounds + 7 modified 'underwater' versions
  • 7 "Calm Ocean (With Birds)" sounds (Seagulls!)
  • 7 "Harsh Ocean Impact (Bubblier)" sounds
  • 12 "Harsh Ocean Impact" sounds
  • 4 "Air Bubbles" sounds

* 'Impact' refers to when the waves were making sounds as they slapped against the surfaces of the shore and the pier walls.

(Thanks so much for checking out my page! I really hope you find good use for these sound effects! In future, I may update this page with remastered sounds, and more 'underwater' versions!)


Buy Now$0.75 USD or more

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